Attainment of IATA License following the office opening, attainment of Consolidator License, approval as Regulated Agent,
establishment of Osaka office.
A.I.F. Company Japan, which was founded in January 2006 has already made a number of significant achievements by following
the triples mindset - SMART - SMILE - SPEEDY.
Along with these accomplishments, A.I.F. Company Japan has concentrated on providing a logistics solution that covers all of
your needs and earned your trust.
A.I.F. Company Japan has used its Osaka and Narita offices in order to carry out office intensive work and at the same time
pursued an all around service that focuses on total logistics solutions. We are building a tight network that coordinates
transportation, packaging and customs control in each region. With forward looking vision and an active mindset we will
continue to understand your needs and provide you a service that will meet your expectation.
A.I.F. Company Japan promises to be your trusted partner in the field of global logistics.


Our Office

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Contact Info

Tel : +81 3 6435 7440

Fax : +81 3 6435 7442

Website :

Local Time : 07:58

Office Address

A.I.F. Company Japan

7F Halifax Shiba Bldg, 1-3-10

Shibakoen, Minato-Ku,

Tokyo 105-0011, Japan

Warehouse Facilities

Total Area : 3,422 sqm

Facilities : 3,000 Ton Scale,

17 Fork Lifts, 4 Level Rack System,

17 Trucks, Sorting & Packing Facilities,

24 Hours Digital Monitoring System