A.I.F. Company Japan Osaka opened in July 2007 following the establishment of the regional head office in Tokyo. We have
concentrated in trade flows in the western part of Japan, and we aim to bring you efficient services in this region.
The Osaka branch covers the western part of Japan ranges from Kansai to Kyushu. We aim to bring you efficient ocean and
air transportation in this region. We are able to bring you a competitive service through our network of customs controlled,
transportation packaging companies in the region. In terms of ocean cargo transportation, we are operating project bulk
cargo transportation through a Moji port in the Kitakyushu region best known as the hub of heavy industries firm, Hansin.
Also, we are transporting semiconductors via Fukuoka International Airport and Osaka International Airport.
We are earning a reputation as a trusted partner in both fields.
We aim to bring you high quality logistics services in Japan through cooperation with the Tokyo head office, and we promise
to remain as your trusted logistics partner.


Our Office

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Contact Info

Tel : +81 6 6258 6480

Fax : +81 6 4708 8330

Website :

Local Time : 07:58

Office Address

A.I.F. Company Japan

9F VPO Hommachi Central,

4-4-7 Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo-Ku,

Osaka 541-0057,Japan

Warehouse Facilities

Total Area : 4,577 sqm

Facilities : 12,000 Ton Scale,

8 Folk Lifts, 4 Level Rack System,

Sorting & Packing Facilities,

24 Hours Digital Monitoring System