CSR Story

A.I.F. Company Japan is striving to fulfill its corporate
social responsibility through a variety of social giving and activities.

Since 2005,
A.I.F. Company Japan has contributed to social groups as part of a continuing
effort to fulfill A.I.F. Company Japan’s vision of being a part of
the global community.

A.I.F. Company Japan supports
the Severance Children’s Hospital and Cambodia
Medical Voluntary Service

“Again, we have delivered your love to Cambodia following
the opening of 2012”

After the initial visit in May 2012, A.I.F. Company Japan returned to
Cambodia in June 2013, working with Severance Hospital to provide
medical care. A 21 member team was sent to Siem Reap and
a 17 member team set to Phnom Penh. Each team was divided into
pediatrics, orthopedics, ophthalmology and dental to examine, treat
and perform procedures.
The second trip would not have been as successful without the
support that our customers have given us since our first visit.

World Vision,
Sponsoring children at A.I.F. Company Japan
branch office 1:1

As part of A.I.F. Company Japan’s continuous philanthropic
activities, we joined the World Vision’s 1:1 child sponsorship
World program provides aid to the underdeveloped world
by impacting health, nutrition and education for children
and the villages so that the communities work towards
Beginning of the February of 2013, a donation box was
placed in each office for collection. We continue to
support this program so that we may improve more lives
in the future.